The Unexpected Typhoon Haiyan

Known as one of the most powerful typhoon ever recorded nationwide, typhoon Haiyan, “Mother of all Typhoons”, wiped out the city of Tacloban early in the morning on Friday, November 8. With gusty winds of up to 315 kilometres per hour, it has created extensive damage, and has chosen to take away approximately 1,400 lives. Unfortunately, it is expected that even more people will die as a result of diseases and lack of food and clean water.

The typhoon triggered landslides that blocked roads, uprooted trees and ripped off the roofs of house, which brought a lot of debris. Also there were no communication due to power lines and phone lines that have been cut. Planes and buses were crammed with people, whilst some families were left to search for their love ones and belongings. Many organisations such as Philippine Red Cross are trying to help by increasing awareness of hygiene and supplying people with relief goods.

But for now, we can only pray that they will find their love ones and hope that their lives will be back to normal.

   By Natalie

People might just have sympathy for others but don’t donate, pray or do anything to pray. So, from this post I would like to promote help and try to urge people to donate or even pray for families who have lost their love ones. You can even send food to the Philippines or even try to help not just me, but many other people do something about. If this isn’t enough, imagine a typhoon has just hit around your area. You have lost everything you had and you even lost your brother, sister or cousin. You have no food or drinks. I know that being part of a family of Filipino family, I would definitely be moved by the disastrous things that are happening. SO ACT NOW AND HELP MANY OTHER LIVE NOT AS FORTUNATE AS YOURS.

What could you do to help and if you were experiencing this kind of typhoon how would you feel?



By Typhoonsofourearth


Dig for Your Life!

This year, in term 4 my class has been working on a unit called Dig for Your Life. This unit reflects our history with gold, with the many things that happened. We were told to use a wiki website created by our teachers containing questions that we answered. What I was amazed about, was the amount of people that came from all over the world just to try their luck for gold. Millions of people fled their jobs, leaving many stores isolated. Unfortunately, not all people found gold. After a while many people gave up and came home, only being poorer. Then of course, there was the Eureka Stockade. Miners were left to die, whilst others were left to try for treason at the court. Incredibly, only 4 SOLDIERS DIED!!!! We should all appreciate the great difference the miners created for our world especially Australia. Their monument is placed in Australia in the museum of our history. I learnt many things, including:

– Miners used different types of equipment such as a miner’s pick, brass gold tweezers and a gold pan.

– They used a technique called panning using a gold pan. You needed to collect some dirt close to a lake, then fill it with some water and keep on shaking it until little flecks or nuggets of gold appear.

– Gold is used for jewellery, electronics, investment bars and gold alloys.

– Some famous gold nuggets are The Welcome Stranger, The Welcome, The Hand of Faith and The Schlemn Nugget.

– Food was limited as well as fresh water.

– A miners breakfast would consist of damper, tea/ fresh water.

– A miner would make damper by creating a campfire, then mixing all the ingredients brought , place it on top of the fire. Wait until it is golden.

–  If a miner fell sick on the goldfields then they would either be left to die or treated by a doctor that is willing to help.

– Mutton was sheep eaten at dinner time.

– Many miners would usually die of diseases such as typhoid.

– It was extremely hard to mine for miners because they missed their families, even their children.

In my opinion, mining in those days would have been extremely tough and tiring, due to the fact that they would have missed their families, they might not have found any gold and it would of been absolutely difficult to avoid the many harmful diseases. Miners families would have been dying to see their loving father, but some unfortunately did not get to see them for a long time. Children would have been starving because they only had damper and mutton (sheep) to eat.

Below I used the following websites:

The Great Australian Gold Rush

Why Gold is So Valuable

A Nation’s Heritage

Uses of Gold

Famous Australia Nuggets

Life on The Australian Goldfields

How would you feel if you were on the goldfields?

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By Ambro


Fun Run Program

On Friday, 16th of August,my class 5W participated in a great and fun run. In the fun run, our aim was to get as much money as we could from sponsors. With the money that we had, we were going to purchase new resources for our school. BUT, in order to make the money worth it, we needed to run at least six times around the field. I CAN TELL YOU, IT WAS EXHAUSTING!!! But I still completed at least 10 runs. If you had to do this how many rounds would you aim to do and how much money would you aim to get?

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Technology and Me

I have to say that my whole family, including me is absolutely obsessed with technology. Technology is the BEST!!!! Our world would be nothing without technology. Technology fuels our ideas to another world of imagination, blogs and social apps. My favourite brand of technology is…. APPLE! NO! Not the apple you eat on a sunny day, but the apple that creates different kinds of phones, IPads, Ipods and Laptops. I use these things everyday, that all I hear is: “Natalie, you’ve been hogging it since last week!” Really, I don’t but it may seem that way. What’s your favourite technology and why?


By Jscreationzs


All About ME

Don’t you know about an AMAZING PERSON named Natalie? Well here’s a little description about her (me!):

Natalie is EXCEPTIONALLY the BEST who

Always cares for others, not just herself.

Time, technology- she can do anything!

All that you ever imagined such as

Letting pigs fly and letting animals talk.

Isn’t she just awesome?!

Everywhere she goes she’s always as crazy as a clown! (But more funnier and humorous!)

Doesn’t it make you want to say WOW! Well, as you guessed it’s me- your official Blog poster and amazing captain of everything! I come from the school St Felix and participate in the class 5W. Yup, 5W is my class, and I can tell you their a bunch of animals! Yes, I am only 11, but I think that if we think big, we success BIG THINGS! But anyway, I LOVE SWIMMING!!!! Swimming is my entire life! What do you like and  please describe yourself in a poem, description or just a simple paragraph about YOU!?


By Farconville


What Kind of Music Do You like?

Music can come in many styles such as Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop and R&B. For me, music makes me feel happy, excited and joyful. Music relaxes me after a days work. What does music make you feel and what kind of music do you like? 



By Fotographic 1980


No more waking up early or school work!!! Holidays, a time to relax. Don’t you think its time? I usually stretch on the couch and enjoy by watching television. What do you do in the school holidays?



By Federico Stevanin